New Start

Friday, May 1, 2009
After so many years (7 tahun gak la).. serving company's affair.. at last.. here I am, jobless. It is not an easy decision but the best that I can think of (at least for now.. hehehe..).

Last minutes dapat news office kene pindah!!! What to do?? Pindah dekat2 ok gakle.. ni nun di Sepang. It's not an easy decision.. tapi have to.. if I'm decided to stay with the company.. means me and my fams kene pindah!! Nak kene cari rumah baru.. babysitter.. my HKL routine check up, our business (small but meaningful)... No!! It is so unfair to me and my family.

And.. here I am.. register my first blog and join the blogger world!! Welcome
Zakina!!! Clapp.. clap.. clap..


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